The Life Actionbook: Tools and Actions for Personal Development

The Life Actionbook: Tools and Actions for Personal Development

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Struggling to identify your greatest strengths and opportunities? Discover a powerful collection of tools and techniques to find your perfect path.

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of personal development? Are you worried you'll never find a simple system to start your self improvement? Author and MBA graduate Steve Shockley has studied and applied key growth techniques to every area of his life. Now he’s distilled these lessons into a powerful approach that will help you discover your own journey to fulfillment.

The Life Actionbook: Tools and Actions for Personal Development offers a unique approach that allows you to uncover your ultimate direction toward self-realization. With strength assessments and concise guidance to quickly improve your results, you'll be a healthier, more productive, and infinitely more positive you in no time.

In The Life Actionbook, you’ll discover:

  • Nine specific areas for improvement and how to address them so you can get started right away
  • Special chapters on Mindset, Diet, Fitness, and more, to help you focus on the best return on your time spent
  • Time-saving methods to help you level up faster
  • Lessons and concrete actions to help you get traction for sustainable change
  • Over 300 hacks, quizzes, tools, and exercises to help you grow rapidly, and much, much more!

The Life Actionbook is a thorough collection of personal development techniques that will make you fly higher than ever before. If you like straight-to-the-point guidance, practical techniques, and a robust catalog of self-improvement topics, then you’ll love Steve Shockley’s comprehensive resource.